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Matilda Cast List

Announcing the Cast for the 
2019 IFYAC's Production of Matilda the Musical

Matilda Wormwood    Kathryn Hildreth
Miss Agatha Trunchbull     Matt Larsen
Miss Jennifer Honey     Dana Atkins
Mr. Harry Wormwood     Jeff Thurman
Mrs. Zinnia Wormwood     Erin Nazario
Michael Wormwood     Brayden Washburn
Mrs. Phelps    Becky Bryan
Lavender   Claire Hancock
Bruce Bogtrotter     Henry Tholen
Doctor/The Escapologist     Dalton Kohler
Sergei     Michael Todd
The Acrobat     Jamee Evans
Rudolpho     Will Traynor
Amanda Thripp     Brooklyn Larsen
Nigel     Jacob Larsen
Alice     Alaina Hansen
Hortensia     Eliza Croft
Tommy     Broc Thurman
Nurse     Joni Larsen
Children's Entertainer     Justin Zierke
Henchmen     Tristan Campbell, Steve Rush


Aubrey Andrews
Grayson Atkins
Miles Atkins
Aubrey Barnard
Alissa Braithwaite
Ella Braithwaite
Molly Braithwaite
Macy Bryan
Alaina Campbell
Carla Campbell
Emmerson Campbell
Riley Campbell
Alexa Collins
Porter Collins
Kaitlin Cook
Annie Dalbo
Anna Demkowicz
Ryan Demkowicz
Meagan Fairbourne
Cameron Farnsworth
Nora Farnsworth
Ellee Frandsen
Daisy Garces
Leah Hansen
Molly Harker
Ian Hart
Ryane Havas
Scarlet Herway
Gage Hulse
Jalaine Jagielski
Nashina Jagielski
Brooklyn Jerde
Capri John
Alesha Johnson
Charly Johnson
Zander Johnson
Amelia Larsen
Catelyn Larsen
Emma Larsen
Spencer Larsen
Brielle Leong
Micaela Loera
Aubrey Long
Christina Miller
Clara Gisele Nazario
Nina Amalia Nazario
Emma Nichols
Lilly Nichols
Maggie Nichols
Hannah Nielson
Sierra Nixon
Liberty Porter
Eliza Rhodes
Ethan Rhodes
Sophia Rhodes
Aiden Scattergood
Madeleine Scattergood
Hailey Schudlt
Collin Serr
Makenna Serr
Presley Sierra
Karri Sloan
Lucy Sloan
Marshall Sloan
Sheppard Sloan
Miriam Smith
Sumner Tholen
Leia Thurman
Sadie Thurman
Weston Thurman
Jeni Todd
Avery VanSkeenkiste
Hannah Waters
Carlie Webb
Ladriel Wheeler
Saige Whiting
Jocelyn Zierke
Brielle Youngberg



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