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Madagascar Jr Cast List

Announcing the lead roles cast for IFYAC's 2019 Summer Theatre Camps!

A special thank you to those who took time to prepare and come to auditions - you guys rocked it! Remember - everyone who is in camp is in the show, even if you didn't audition.

Camp 1:
Alex - Annie Dalbo
Marty- Lizzie Bird
Melman- Mason Hansen
Gloria- Avrie Farnsworth 
Skipper- Marina Renna 
Kowalski- Michael Wu
Private- Collin Serr
Rico- Clara Nazario
Mason- Henry Tholen
King Julian- Nina Nazario
Mort- Emma Cummings
Maurice- Sumner Tholen
Lyn- Alyssa Loera
Lew- Brooklyn Larsen
Lee- Mimi Smith
Lars- Bryce Johnson
Candy Hammernose- Marley Meikle
Cameraman- Sam Turner
Passerby- Isabelle Kalwarf
Newspaper Man/Woman- Olivia Swope
Old Lady- Aubrey Barnard
Police Officer 1- Trysten Edgley
Police Officer 2- Gage Hulse
Zookeeper Zelda- McKayla Porter
Zookeeper Zeke- Logan Herrmann
Zookeeper Zoe- Mary Nichols
Lioness Leader- Ellee Frandsen
Lionesses- Caliyah Wagner and Anna Chandler
Subway Announcer- Brooke Coderre
Foosa Leader- Ryane Havas
Animal Control Leader- Ariana Porter
Ship Captain- Aspen Roman

Camp 2:
Alex- Bridger Loftus
Marty- Jeneva Dredge
Gloria- Hannah Waters 
Melman- Logan Sermon
Skipper- Ladriel Wheeler 
Kowalski- Micaela Loera 
Private- Sierra Nixon 
Rico- Christina Miller 
King Julian- Alex Nottestad 
Mort- Eliza Croft 
Maurice- Alexia Kelley
Lyn- River Bean 
Lew- Amelia Meikle 
Lee- Joseph Waters 
Lars- Lilly Nichols 
Candy Hammernose- McKenzie Wood 
Cameraman- John Lundblade 
Passerby- Carlie Webb 
Newspaper Man/Woman- Evan Esplin
Old Lady- Joslin Croft 
Police Officer 1- Kylee Anderson 
Police Officer 2- Isabella Hendricks 
Zookeeper Zelda- McKenna Tower 
Zookeeper Zeke- Hannah Nielson 
Zookeeper Zoe- Maggie Nichols 
Lioness Leader- Daisy Garces 
Lionesses- Kylie Paskett, Anna Demkowicz, Hailey Schudlt 
Mason- Ethan Rhodes 
Subway Announcer- Joshua McMurphy
Foosa Leader- Jocelyn Zierke
Animal Control Leader- Emma Nichols 
Ship Captain- Lake Bean

Congrats! The Director will be in touch with each lead about upcoming read throughs and rehearsals. Looking forward to seeing all of our amazing camp members soon!

MadagascarJrRegistration is OPEN!

The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre is proud to open registrations for two camps featuring Madagascar, Jr!  Camp 1 begins on June 17th and ends June 28th - Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 2:00pm. Camp 2 begins July 8th and ends July 19th - Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 2:00pm. Tuition for camp is $200.00 per camper with a sibling discount if registered at the same time. Space is limited!  

The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre has been creating performances and instructional opportunities in all aspects of theater for over 20 years.  Budding actors ages 8-18 experience the art of theatre through acting, voice, and dance at one of the most popular summer activities in Idaho Falls. These fun-packed, two-week camps conclude with these young performers showing off their new skills in live, on-stage productions!

Make sure you are registering for the camp you want by clicking the camp dates below!  We do have a limited number of scholarships available.  Scholarships are to help underserved students or families in financial hardship.  If you wish to be considered for scholarships, check the appropriate box below and submit the form and we will contact you. UPDATE: Please be aware that our scholarship application process has closed for 2019 and all of our scholarships have been awarded for this year. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (208) 557-3344.   


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