Fall Musical
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SB Cast

SpongeBob SquarePants - Kelsey Shearer

Patrick Star - Bryan Atkins

Sandy CheeksAndilyn Jenkins

Squidward Q. Tentacles - Dana Atkins

Eugene H. Krabs - Justin Zierke

Sheldon J. Plankton Walter Royce

Pearl Krabs - Kate Norton

Karen the Computer Amanda Van Sickle

Larry the LobsterBenjamin Strock

Mrs. Puff - Regan Marler

Old Man Jenkins- Eli Robinson

Perch Perkins- Brayden Washburn

The Mayor of Bikini Bottom- Phylicia Fife
Patchy the Pirate- Erin Nazario

The Electric Skates- Trenton Polatis (1), Broc Thurman (2),
                               Anna Chandler (3)

Gary's Handler- Olivia Van Sickle

Krabby Patty Fish - TJ Robinson
Buster Bluetang - Brooks Marler
Johnny the Bartender - Sam Porter
Security Guards: Garrett Newton, Emily Hillman, Additional TBD

Sardines: Ameilia Meikle (1), Allix Rios (2), Kellen Castleton (3), Nora Farnsworth (4), Sadie Thurman (5), Evan Jenkins, Amelia Tuttle, Haylee Washburn, Cameron Webb, Brady King, Blaiklee Casperson, Raleigh May, Julia Walters, Grayson Walters, Finn Freeman, Gigi Johnson

Sea Creatures Jaeden Surerus, Lucy Hix, Emmerson Campbell, Abigail Pickering, Bella Edwards, Capri John, Jocelyn Zierke, Landon Washburn, Eliana Castillo, Brynlee Ohngren, Elise Forbush, Zane Peterson, Juliet Thomson, Dash Hill, Krew Wheeler, Julia Porter, Skyler Lima, Jameson Braithwaite, Astrid Braithwaite, Emi Braithwaite, Grayson Atkins, Mercedes Lambson, Miles Atkins, Weston Atkins, Logan Wilkins, Ryan Wilkins

Girl Fish Trio: Camille Stucki, Hannah Nielson, Avery VanSteenkiste

Dancers: Morgan Barber, Evelyn Jenkins, Britin Matthews, Carlie Webb, Camille Goldman, Emily Hillman, Mariah Schuldt, Ainsley Braithwaite

Additional Ensemble: Leah Meek, Eva Meek, Michellee Surerus, Garrett Newton, Alaina Campbell, Angelie Echegoyen, Brooklyn Jerde, Myrill Rios, Kaitlyn Lima, Jasmine Lima, Elisabeth Powell, Aimee Olson, Jina Lenz, Steve Rush, Kaeli Herrera, Jackson Campbell, Caleb Goodson, Sheppard Sloan, Gage Hulse, Landon King, Justus Lambson

* Additional speaking parts will be assigned at rehearsal.

Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, August 23rd (6:30pm-9pm)
Performance dates are November 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16, 2022

CAST - please watch your email for information about rehearsals, performances, and other cast information.  

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