Choir picture
The IFYAC Youth choirs are in full swing of their Spring Semester. Each group is putting the final touches on learning their songs and adding choreography to selective pieces. In between songs, we try to stay focused but there is always a great joke being shared or dance move being practiced.

The Prelude choir is working on " Happy" and "Someone to Lava" from the Disney Short "Lava." We have just finished auditioning solos and signing up for skits. The biggest goal this week was to show our audience what we feel as we sing. The kids are working on smiling and being fully engaged as they perform. Now the trick is to being able to sing, dance, and smile all together, which can be a bit of a challenge for 6 to 9 year olds. This week we were invited to sing at the Public Library's Celebration of Children (El dia del los Ninos) in April and we are excited for our first performance of the semester.

In Lyric choir, they have taken off like a flash of light! They are already off music on "Best Day of my Life" by American Authors. They are able to perform the song all the way through with choreography and are very excited about being able to perform this song at The Celebration of Children alongside the Prelude Choir. We have some great soloists and we're putting the finishing touches on the remaining solos for the semester. With so much talent you can't imagine how difficult it is to choose, but the kids are always gracious and applaud the children that are chosen for the solos. This group is also working on "Lean on Me" and look forward to starting choreography for that song after we return from Spring Break.

The Dynamic Show Choir has gone from being just singers to music arrangers. As a class we have arranged Michael Jackson's "You are not Alone." Being able to have a say has really opened their eyes to the music that they are learning. Through our theory lessons they have learned how to write simple harmonies to melody lines and add dynamics to a piece of music. This group is also tackling Adele's "Skyfall" and will be starting choreography this week. We have a fantastic choreography mentee that has been choreographing that song and the rest of the class looks forward to putting the moves into practice.

Overall, we are not just singing and dancing but we are building life-long memories and friendships as we work diligently towards our Spring Concert in May.