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Fall is on its way and choir registration for 2018-2019 is opening!
This year we will be having "A JAZZY WINTER!" The members of each youth choir will be learning about the history of Jazz, how to scat, and will have a blast with fun choreography and building friendships through games
                                     and learning our music.                                       
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We hope to also have some special guests come by our class to teach us about how different instruments express themselves through Jazz music!

We're excited to introduce the students to Jazz with songs like A-Tisket A-Tasket, Pennies from Heaven and It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing!

And if you are thinking, "what about Christmas songs?" - don't worry, we will be having a few holiday songs included in our concert as well!


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Choir Details:
Prelude Choir  Lyric Choir  Dynamic Show Choir  
First Day August 28th, 2018 First Day August 28th, 2018 First Day August 30th, 2018
Ages- 6 to 9 Ages- 10-13  Ages-14-18
Practice Tuesdays 4-5pm  Practice Tuesdays 5:10-6:40pm Practice Thursdays 4:15-5:45pm
Unison and two-part singing Two-part and 3-part singing Three-part to five-part singing
Basic singing technique and elementary level music theory Basic/intermediate singing technique and music theory Basic/intermediate singing technique and music theory
1-3 Public perfomances and 2 full concerts 1-3 Public Performances and 2 full concerts  2-4 Public Performances and 2 full concerts
All 3 groups practice at the Idaho Falls Public Library in the Storytelling Room, look for a red arrow!
  Full Year 1st Semester 2nd Semester Siblings receive
a discount of 
$15 for full 
year registrations.
Prelude Choir  $125  $75  $75 
Lyric Choir
$150 $85  $85 
 Dynamic Choir $175 $100 

This year we will be doing voicing prior to starting class! That way, I'll have more time with each student instead of taking away from our class time. Once you COMPLETE REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT, you will receive a welcome letter from ME with all the details needed and a link to our sign-up for voicing. If you are unable to come to any of those days please contact me via email. 


The registration process for our choirs is paperless - please fill out the Registration Form below. Upon submission of your Registration Form, you will be directed to PayPal to complete the payment process. Registration is not complete until payment is complete. Please contact us at (208) 557-3344 with any questions or concerns about the registration form, tuition payment, scholarships, or setting up a payment plan.


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     Its the month of April and we are putting the final touches on our Road Trip Mixtape Spring Concert, which will be held on May 3rd at Eagle Rock Jr. High. Each group is working hard on their own music and songs that they sing all together as a group of 62. We are so excited for the growth of these choir programs and feel humbled about the great impact we get to have on all the youth that walk through our classroom doors, said Director Keishianna Peterson

    This semester the choir program is lucky to have two wonderful mentees, Payton and Abbey. Payton jumps into the classroom with Prelude and Lyric every week as a teaching assistant and Abbey is our choreography mentee and works one on one with Mrs. Peterson to develop choreography that is appropriate for each age group. 


This upcoming concert is going to be fantastic as we have prepared songs that we all enjoy listening to as we drive down the street or across the country. These songs will make you want to sing out loud and play drums on the steering wheel and dance in your seat. Our set list is a combination of current songs and classic songs from Classic Rock all the way to Blues and Soul. 

We hope to see you on May 3rd at our Road Trip Mixtape Spring Concert, until then we are going to be polishing up solos, working on our footwork and practicing our big smiles and bows!20180206 162359


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The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre provides quality opportunities for youth in the arts to enrich their lives through participation in music, dramatic arts and creative movement. The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre fosters a positive outlet for youth to build on their unique skills and talents.  Through participation in choir, strings, musical theatre, artistic workshops, and dance through artistic growth and achievement, youth are empowered with a positive self-image that benefits the entire community.

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Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre is an organization literally born within a community of volunteers. From the very beginning of the first Idaho Falls Little Theatre production to the inception of the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre, to today, volunteers have had, and continue to have, a vital and invaluable role at IFYAC. We are a diverse organization interested in volunteers with a wide variety of talents, skills, and willingness to educate and enrich the lives of youth through the performing arts.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, send us a note or call (208) 557-3344.

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