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Announcing the
Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre

2018 Summer Theater Camp
Lead Roles


June 18-29 - Camp #1

James - Collin Serr
Ladahlord - Paige Stembridge
Spiker - Nicole Bigler
Sponge - Makenna Serr
Ladybug - Kate Traynor
Grasshopper - Lake Bean
Spider - Larissa Noe
Earthworm - Michael Wu
Centipede - Christian Breffle


July 9-20 - Camp #2

James - Ryan Demkowicz
Ladahlord - Ella McMurphy
Spiker - Bryce Johnson
Sponge - Hannah Waters
Ladybug - Anna Demkowicz
Grasshopper - Bridger Loftus
Spider - Emma Nichols
Earthworm - Alex Nottestad
Centipede - Micaela Loera

JatGP 920x920Registration is OPEN!

The Idaho Fall Youth Arts Centre is proud to open registrations for two camps featuring Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach!  Camp 1 goes from June 18-29 and Camp 2 goes from July 9-20.  Space is limited!  We your registration is complete, we will email you details about signing up for audition for the lead roles!

This marks 21 years of the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre creating performances and instructional opportunities in all aspects of theater.  Budding actors ages 8-17 experience the art of theatre through acting, voice, and dance at one of the most popular summer activities in Idaho Falls. These fun-packed, two-week camps conclude with these young performers showing off their new skills in live, on-stage productions!

Make sure you are registering for the camp you want by clicking the camp dates below!  We do have a limited number of scholarships available.  Scholarships are to help underserved students or families in financial hardship.  If you wish to be considered for scholarships, check the appropriate box below and submit the form and we will contact you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (208) 557-3344.   

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Here's what we do...

The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre provides quality opportunities for youth in the arts to enrich their lives through participation in music, dramatic arts and creative movement. The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre fosters a positive outlet for youth to build on their unique skills and talents.  Through participation in choir, strings, musical theatre, artistic workshops, and dance through artistic growth and achievement, youth are empowered with a positive self-image that benefits the entire community.

How you can be a part of our family...

Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre is an organization literally born within a community of volunteers. From the very beginning of the first Idaho Falls Little Theatre production to the inception of the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre, to today, volunteers have had, and continue to have, a vital and invaluable role at IFYAC. We are a diverse organization interested in volunteers with a wide variety of talents, skills, and willingness to educate and enrich the lives of youth through the performing arts.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, send us a note or call (208) 557-3344.

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