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The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Center (IFYAC) is proud to offer this workshop in cooperation with Ballet Idaho. IFYAC recognizes the beautiful dance talent this area posesses and wants to offer dancers an opportunity to learn from some of Idaho's elite dancers. Elizabeth Keller and Andrew Taft are excited to be coming to Idaho Falls to assist in the development of our dancers.  The workshop begins August 7 and goes until August 12 with a Saturday demonstration.

The full day workshop is offered to advanced and intermediate dancers who are already on pointe, and a smaller workshop for those ages 8-18 who are working to develop skills and are not on pointe yet.  

Price before July 20: Advanced & Intermediate - $205; Pre-Pointe - $105.  
Price after July 20: Advanced & Intermediate $245; Pre-Pointe - $135

Multiple scholarships will be awarded to dancers in all levels to attend Ballet Idaho classes in October. WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM???

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Acknowledgement of Risk

In consideration of the services and instruction provided by the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre (“IFYAC”) and Ballet Idaho, I agree and acknowledge as follows:

Although reasonable steps have been taken to provide students with safe facilities and skilled instruction, I acknowledge that this physical activity is not without risk to students. Any physical activity involves certain risks depending on health, condition and appropriate level of physical activity for the student. I am aware that exercise and dancing entails certain risks of injury or illness. I understand that participation in these activities may result in injury or illness to the student.

I agree to assume responsibility for any risks to the student, both identified and unidentified. The student’s participation in this activity is purely voluntary and the student chooses to participate in spite of possible risks. I certify that the student is fully capable of participation in this activity and therefore assume full responsibility for any bodily injury or illness suffered by the student and any associated expenses.

I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions stated above and acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding on me, the student, our heirs, assigns, personal representatives, estate and all members of the student’s family.

I further agree to hold IFYAC, Ballet Idaho, Idaho Falls School of Ballet, Idaho Ballet Theater, and all instructors harmless from any claims arising out of any injury suffered by the student except for willful acts committed by the company and its instructors.

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The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre provides quality opportunities for youth in the arts to enrich their lives through participation in music, dramatic arts and creative movement. The Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre fosters a positive outlet for youth to build on their unique skills and talents.  Through participation in choir, strings, musical theatre, artistic workshops, and dance through artistic growth and achievement, youth are empowered with a positive self-image that benefits the entire community.

How you can be a part of our family...

Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre is an organization literally born within a community of volunteers. From the very beginning of the first Idaho Falls Little Theatre production to the inception of the Idaho Falls Youth Arts Centre, to today, volunteers have had, and continue to have, a vital and invaluable role at IFYAC. We are a diverse organization interested in volunteers with a wide variety of talents, skills, and willingness to educate and enrich the lives of youth through the performing arts.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities, send us a note or call (208) 403-5166.

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